Meet Your Trainer

Kimbra Doran

Delta Accredited Instructor
Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer
Certificate IV Companion Animal Studies

Kim has over 16 years of experience training dogs and their people so she truly understands what it takes to achieve success and harmony between the two.

As a Delta accredited instructor and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Kim regularly helps people struggling with their dogs’ complex behaviour issues such as separation anxiety, generalised fear, and reactivity.

She helps people understand why the problem is happening and what is involved in turning things around, whilst teaching them the skills they need to be able manage and work through these sorts of issues.

In addition to solving complex behaviour issues and training assistance dogs, Kim also has the pleasure of working alongside Dr Cherlene Lee of My Vet Animal Hospital to run the Puppy School program where she takes an active role in ensuring puppies in her community become well-rounded canine citizens.

When Kim isn’t busy helping dogs and their people in her community, you can find her watching her son Evan play soccer, spending time with her beloved furry family members Rocket, Meeko and Mia or creating fun graduation outfits for her four-legged students.

Kim would love nothing more than to help you and your woofer!

Charli with some little friends

Charli & Rocket

Canine Mascots

We lost our dearest Charli the Golden Retriever, our amazing canine mascot, late in 2020.

His calm and gentle nature made him the perfect role model for puppies and juniors in our training programs at My Vet. He was a wonderful first big dog for particularly shy puppies to meet and he loved helping with our Puppy School theory lesson.

Charli’s social skills with other animals were second to none and whilst he is no longer with us, he will always hold the role of canine mascot in spirit.

In 2021 we welcomed Rocket the rescue Greyhound into our family… He certainly has big paws to fill!

Free Workshops

From time to time Kim does a training session in Joynton Park, Zetland, as part of free workshops organised by My Vet.

These are usually presentations by Dr Cherlene Lee on health and well being topics for dogs and their owners and sometimes there are training sessions run by Kim Doran.

Future training sessions will be advertised on Working with Woofers and My Vet instagram accounts.

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