Behaviour Consultations

Private Dog Training in Sydney

Want a more individual approach to your training? One-on-one consultations are specifically tailored to help you train your dog to be the best dog they can be!

Individual Behaviour Consultations

Why One-On-One Consults?

Some behaviour issues simply cannot be addressed through group classes. One-on-one consultations are specifically tailored to help you train your dog to be the best dog they can be!

Whether you have a shy dog who can’t learn in a classroom situation, a dog with more serious behaviour issues, or if you just prefer a one-on-one learning environment, we can tailor the training to your individual needs and help you achieve your goals.

Plus we understand that sometimes people who have never had a dog before, just need that little bit of extra help.

Is your dog reactive?

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    How Can We Help?

    • Anxiety: We specialise in working with dogs who suffer from anxiety. If you have the time, patience and commitment that is needed, we can help you both gain the confidence to lead a much more relaxed life together.
    • Leash Reactivity: Do you feel like you can’t leave the house with your dog without feeling apprehensive?  We can help you manage and gradually overcome lead reactivity so you can enjoy your walks together again.
    • Sound Sensitivity: Is your dog reacting to the doorbell or sounds in your apartment building, deliveries and visitors arriving?  If so, we can help you gradually change their emotional responses to our noisy urban environment.
    • Basic Training: From foundational skills and how to apply them, to turning problem behaviours like jumping, pulling on the leash and lack of self-control around, we can show you how to get your dog to work WITH you using positive and fear-free training techniques.
    • Puppy Home-schooling: Some people prefer to home school their puppy because attending classes can be tricky in this busy world… This can be arranged! 

    Let us know what is troubling you and your dog and we’ll be happy to help.

    How the Program Works

    Your History

    First, please fill in our form so we can learn about your dog, their behaviours and how we can best help you.

    Book Appointment

    Once I have reviewed your form, I will contact you to recommend what training package to book that best suit your individual training needs.

    Initial Consultation

    During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss in detail what you’re experiencing so we can get to the root of the problem and design a training plan to move forward with.

    Follow Up

    Depending on you and your dog’s needs, I will provide you with second-to-none follow-up support to ensure you and your dog are steadily moving toward your goals.

    Training Options

    Face-to-face training in your home, at mine, or out & about.

    • Tuesday-Saturday: 1pm – 8pm
    • Coogee, NSW & surrounds – check our service map
    • Or, you can come to me if you live outside the area!

    We’ll meet with you for a one-on-one consult from the comfort of your own home to assess you and your dog’s situation to see exactly what is going on with their behaviour.

    By the end of our first session you will have a solid understanding of the issue as well as a game plan to move forward with.

    Quality dog training without having to leave your home!

    • Tuesday-Saturday: 1pm – 8pm
    • Anywhere via ZOOM

    We’ll meet with you via Zoom to discuss your situation and give you strategies to manage your dogs behaviour and training exercises to reach your goals.

    Luckily, modern technology allows us to assess and offer behaviour modification for common behavioural concerns without needing to be physically present.

    Payment must be received before training commences.

    Single 1-hour ~ $ 140.00 inc GST

    In-person consultation for problems that can be solved in a single session or more thorough follow-ups.

    I also offer follow-up consultations at a reduced rate for those who have completed one of my packages!

    Single 1-hour ~ $130.00 inc GST
    Single ½-hour ~ $65.00 inc GST

    Online consultations for quick questions, follow-up reviews or a troubleshooting session.

    Payment must be received before your initial training session.

    Behaviour Starter Package ~ $ 395.00 inc GST

    1 x 1-hour pre-recorded Webinar to watch before 3 x 1-hour In-Person consultations for reactivity & generalised anxiety.

    Gold Training Package ~ $ 480.00 inc GST

    4 x 1-hour In-Person consultations for basic training (loose lead walking, jumping, etc) & puppy home-schooling.

    Silver Training Package ~ $ 390.00 inc GST

    3 x 1-hour In-Person consultations for basic training or follow-up behavioural issue lessons.

    Separation Anxiety Packages

    Please go to the Separation Anxiety page for information on our comprehensive SA training – cost is discussed in the complimentary call.

    Ready to bring out the best in your dog?

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