Separation Anxiety

Let’s get your life back on track…

As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, I have the expertise to help you help your dog overcome this debilitating behaviour.

Why can’t my dog just relax?

Living with Separation Anxiety

If you and your dog are living with separation anxiety, I don’t have to tell you the impact it has on your entire family.

The inability to make plans, to enjoy an evening out, to be spontaneous. Then there’s the emotional side – the stress, frustration, guilt, and the feeling of being well and truly trapped.

Here’s the good news – real change is possible!

Working with Kim

As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, I have the expertise to help you help your dog overcome this debilitating behaviour problem.

I use science-based systematic desensitisation training exercises that gradually help your dog become confident in their own company.

And I can honestly say I know how you feel!

We rescued a beautiful Greyhound last year named Rocket and we are his fourth and forever family. He suffered from separation anxiety when he first arrived, but I am pleased to say, with training, he has recovered and now feels safe when we leave.

When you work with me…

I will listen. I will tailor a recovery plan specific to you and your dog. I will be there for you every step of the way – on the good days and the rough ones.

I will be honest. There is no quick fix for separation anxiety training, but with time, patience, commitment, and dedication amazing results are possible. I can’t wait to celebrate yours!

Understanding Separation Anxiety

Much like anxiety disorders in humans, separation anxiety in dogs is truly something your dog cannot control. When left alone, dogs suffering from this debilitating form of anxiety go into a panic.

Every dog is different – some vocalise, some are destructive, some even experience loss of bowel control. Others suffer in silence and might hide, pace, shake, salivate, freeze etc…

Things such as life-changing events (moving, rehoming, loss of a companion), genetics, and temperament can all be contributing factors. Separation anxiety in dogs typically will not resolve on its own, but will rather become worse.

How the Program Works

Your History

Firstly, please fill in our short questionnaire below so I can get a good idea of what is happening with you and your dog.

Free Initial Consult

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, I will contact you to book a complimentary ½ hour online consultation.

We will discuss you and your dog’s individual situation, find the training option and cost that best suits you.

Superstar Program

If you choose to work one-on-one with me, I will provide you with 20-30 minute daily exercises to gradually get your dog comfortable with being left alone.

During the 4-week program, these exercises need to be completed five days per week and I will be in touch on each of those days for feedback. We will meet weekly to reassess how your dog is progressing.

SA support membership program

If you have a dog with SA and don’t know where to start – let me help you.

My Back on Track membership has all the ongoing support you need to move forward at an affordable cost.

Ready to get your life back on track?


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