Catherine, Ronnie & Marra

We brought our 8-week-old Labrador home to two rescue cats and decided some in-house training would be invaluable to help the transition. Kimbra was recommended, and she fitted us in for an appointment very promptly.

Within two one-hour sessions, she taught us to how to teach Marra several different foundational cues. We now have more than one way to recall Marra, and we know how to manage her chase impulse around our cats.

We were struggling with toilet training and Kimbra suspected that Marra may have a UTI (which she did). This was what was holding up our toilet training progress. Being new dog owners, we did not recognise the symptoms. Once this was resolved we had he toilet trained in no time.

I would highly recommend a session or two with her to help transition a dog or puppy into your home!