Pet Sitting

This service means your pets can stay in the comfort and safety of their own home when you go away. 

You can leave for your holiday knowing they are relaxed in their own environment with us coming to visit them on a daily basis.  We will take care of all their needs whatever they may be including feeding, walking, changing litter, providing fresh water and lots of cuddles and attention.


Small Animals



Puppy Pre-School


Our Puppy Pre School program is second to none. We can teach you how to train your puppy some basic good manners and help you build a bond of trust and respect that will last a lifetime.



"Zoom Zoom"  Classes   

Get ready to run. Our Zoom Zoomclasses are heaps of fun! They really help you and your dog learn to work together as a team. The dogs absolutely love the challenge and so will you.


One On One Home Consultation

For people who are unable to commit to classes due to work constraints or other reasons we offer one on one home consultations.