Molly, Brandon & Poppy

We are so grateful for Kim’s help with our girl Poppy. She couldn’t be left alone for more than a couple of minutes before completely freaking out and now we are able to comfortably go out for a couple of hours, all the while Poppy is completely relaxed.

I am so thankful we committed to this training, we were able to adjust Poppy’s behaviour while being sure she was never distressed or that we were pushing her too far. The support and understanding we received from Kim was crucial to our success.

I was so embarrassed about how limited I was because I wouldn’t leave my dog at home by herself like everyone else, and Kim approached training with so much positivity, flexibility and empathy.

Training is completely personalised to your lifestyle and your dog’s personality, Kim felt like a part of our household and cared for our little family. I couldn’t recommend her more if you’re struggling with separation anxiety with your dog. Poppy is a more relaxed and happy dog because of Kim – which has made us more relaxed and happy too !

Thank you so much Kim.