Do-It-Yourself Program

for Separation Anxiety

DIY Separation Anxiety

Our 6-module Separation Anxiety DIY Program includes:

  • Open enrolment — you can join at any time!
  • 6 x 1-hour group lessons
  • Access to content for 3 months
  • Live on Zoom every Thursday @ 7:30pm
  • All lessons are recorded for your convenience
  • Flexible attendance — attend a missed module live in the next rotation
  • An affordable SA option at $275 inc GST

Looking forward to helping you with your SA training!

Read about Kim’s own struggles with Rocket’s separation anxiety.



6 lessons

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7:30-8:30 pm Thursdays

How the Program Works

A. Your History

Please fill in our online form:

B. Free Initial Consult

After reviewing your form, I will contact you to book a ½ hour complimentary consultation to discuss your dog’s situation.

C. Orientation Video

Watch the introductory pre-recorded video on separation anxiety before starting the weekly live lessons on Zoom.

Then you join us on Zoom next Thursday!

And if you are unable to make it one week, you just wait until that module comes around again to attend the lesson live. Or simply watch the recording! The content we will cover is listed below under Modules.



How to do an initial assessment with your dog

  • Confinement Vs Free in the home
  • PDQs pre-departure and post-departure
  • Does presenting food on departure help?
  • Recording your departure
  • Taking timestamps


How to read your dog’s body language

  • What are we looking for?
  • Establishing thresholds
  • When to STICK, DROP or PUSH 
  • Recovery time and its importance
  • Sequences of BL


Working through plateaus & regressions

  • What are they and the reasons why they happen
  • Data tracking and how it helps
  • What can we do to work our way through them?
  • Burnout, being resilient, and taking breaks 


Writing balanced training exercises

  • Mission writing guidelines
  • Avoiding ladders
  • Two tiering 
  • More or less warm-up steps?
  • Breaking things down for difficult PDQs


Special considerations

  • Hyper attachment
  • Puppies and teens
  • Seniors
  • Multiple dog households
  • Meds and alternative therapies


Tech & data tracking

  • The importance of tracking data
  • What can it tell us?
  • Pet cams/apps, stand-alone cameras or Zoom
  • Placement and useful tech tips
  • How to use what you have to save money

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