Do you have a chaser in the family?

As an accredited Un-Chase!® trainer, I can offer real-life solutions for dogs who chase.

Why does my dog chase?

Understanding your Chasing Dog

  • Is your working breed chasing anything that moves?
  • Is your puppy causing havoc with your cat or pocket pet?
  • Is it difficult to vacuum, sweep or mop with your dog present?
  • Are your chickens being tormented?
  • Is there a dangerous snake species in your area?

Living with a dog who chases—cats, chickens, bicycles, joggers, cars, or anything that moves—is stressful and potentially heartbreaking.

Whatever the scenario – I can help you!

Working Breeds in Urban Environments

This can be a tricky combination, as these dogs are bred to control the movement of livestock. 

In their absence, they become frustrated and can get quite creative, turning to whatever moves on the streets. This often includes traffic, prams, skateboards, bicycles, joggers and running children! 

Let’s turn that around and teach your dog to walk calmly by their chase triggers. We don’t want to suppress their natural impulses, instead, we will give them some fun and appropriate outlets for what they instinctively need to do.

unchase puppy w kitten square

Cheeky Puppies Who Chase

Let’s teach your pup not to chase from a young age, otherwise, they can get hooked. The earlier you get onto this the better!

Has their arrival turned things upside down for you and your existing pets? I can help you bring calm back to the home front so you can all live together harmoniously. 

Perhaps you are finding it impossible to vacuum, sweep or mop? Would you like to do your housework in peace?  Your pup can learn to self-regulate by choosing alternative behaviours to chasing.

Dogs with Snakes & Wildlife

Imagine your dog coming to you when they see a snake, or calmly ignoring other wildlife – Yes, it really is possible!

Whatever the dangerous snake species in your area, your dog will learn to give them a wide berth. Safety for your dog, and less worry for you!

You’ll learn a series of fun training exercises that can save your dog’s life as well as the life and well-being of our wonderful wildlife.

adobestock 343655754 preview
Eastern Tiger Snake

Un-Chase!® training replaces frustration and worry with real-life confidence and peace of mind.

How the Program Works

Your History

First, please fill in our short questionnaire so I can get a good idea of what is happening with you and your dog.

Book Appointment

Once I have reviewed your form, I will contact you to recommend what training package to book that best suit your individual training needs.

Initial Consultation

This consultation involves putting your management plan into place. We will work on improving enrichment for all pets involved, and start foundational exercises

Reaching your Goals

Over the following weeks, we will work through the Un-Chase® training protocols, always going at you and your dog’s pace. Our follow-up support is second to none.

How to Enrol

Course Details – Puppy copy

  • Your teacher is Delta accredited and a Certified Un-Chase!® Trainer.
  • There will be a maximum of six dogs per group.
  • Price of the five-week training course is $$$0 including GST.
  • Lessons for Week 2-5 are held in little Taylors College Park running off Short Street Reserve, behind Taylors College Sydney:
  • Access to the little park is from Short Street Reserve or Powell Street behind Ambience Cafe.
  • A map is provided upon enrolment.
  • If the weather is unsuitable, classes will be held at My Vet Animal Hospital.
  • Enrolments can be taken up until one day before Week 2 (first practical lesson).
  • Once enrolled and payment is received, you will be given access to all course resources, even before the course starts.
  • Important starter training information can be found in your Week 1 theory pre-recorded webinar.
Next Program Schedule
Week 1Sunday, 12th FebruaryOnline webinar
Week 25:00 – 6:00pm
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Upcoming Program Schedule
Week 1Sunday, 15th JanuaryOnline webinar
Week 23:30 – 4:30pm
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Enrolment Steps

1) Enrol in UNChase School & create a client account.
2) Pay your program fee directly to My Vet Animal Hospital.
3) We will confirm your payment & activate your account.
4) You will receive an email notification & can immediately access the UNChase Classroom course.

Ready to start working with your woofer?