We understand that when you first bring your puppy home it is a very exciting but busy time!

Our Puppy Pre- School experience is second to none...

It is carefully designed to get you and your puppy off to the best possible start.

We offer:

  • A five week comprehensive program run by our Delta Accredited instructor Kim Doran,

  • We use motivational training for both dogs and their owners

  • And we hold a Graduation Ceremony at the completion of the course. You will get to walk the blue carpet with your puppy dressed in our graduation gown and hat to receive your certificate & goodie bag!

You will go home with:

  • Your Puppy Pre School graduation certificate,

  • A goodie bag full of freebies and treats,

  • A photo of your puppy in our graduation hat and cloak,

  • New doggy friends to meet up with in the park,

  • A puppy with some really good basic manners,

  • And a real sense of achievement.

Puppies need to have had two vaccinations and one week has passed to be safe to attend.

Our positive reward based training methods are designed to motivate your dog to work for you out of trust and respect, rather than fear.

Handouts on what we cover are emailed after each lesson and we are happy to give online and phone support.


Our classes are held at

6/965 Bourke Street in Waterloo.


Puppy classes are held on Sundays. 


Depends on the program you book into.


$199 / 5 week program


The first class in our program is held ONLINE. You will be sent the theory notes and a video including practical demonstrations and overview of the topics.  This gives you the opportunity to read the notes in your own time and prepare questions to ask in classes to follow. 

If you have questions that cant wait a week don't worry as we also offer online email support.

Practical lessons

Are held WITH puppies present and they run for one hour.


You will learn

  • How to read canine body language (a must know for any dog owner)

  • How to toilet train your puppy.

  • How to teach them not to play bite and mouth on you or others.

  • About the importance of early socialization.

  • About enriching their environment so they don’t chew on your furniture.

  • To help them become confident in their own company when they are left alone.

  • How to use hand signals, improve your timing and presence when you train.

  • How to settle your puppy.

  • How to teach your puppy to walk on a loose lead.

  • How to teach your puppy to accept being handled by you, groomers and the vet.

  • Strategies to manage and modify normal doggy behaviours like jumping, digging and barking.

  • About the importance of exercise.

  • What the laws are in NSW for responsible pet ownership.

  • How to be a good, clear and consistent leader who has realistic expectations.


Your puppy will learn

  • Valuable social skills.

  • How to give attention.

  • To sit, lie down and stay.

  • To come when called.

  • How to walk on a loose lead – with practice.

  • To sit to greet people instead of jumping on them.

  • Give or Drop items.

  • To accept being handled.

  • How to settle.

  • To leave things alone when requested.

  • Some tricks for fun.

Program dates

Class 1 - starting Sun 14th July 2019

Week 1,  Sunday    14th July    - Online Theory lesson 
Week 2, Saturday  20th July    - 4:00 - 5:00 pm
Week 3, Sunday    28th July    -  3:00 - 4:00 pm                                                      
Week 4, Sunday      4th Aug    -  3:00 - 4:00 pm
Week 5, Sunday     11th Aug    -  3:00 - 4:15  pm  Graduation Day



Class 2 - starting Sun 28th July 2019

Week 1,  Sunday  28th   July  -  Online Theory lesson
Week 2, Sunday    4th   Aug  -  4:30 - 5:30 pm
Week 3, Sunday   11th   Aug   -  4:30 - 5:30 pm
Week 4, Sunday   18th  Aug   -  4:30 - 5:30 pm
Week 5, Sunday   25th Aug  -   4:30 - 5:45  pm  Graduation Day

Please remember the first lesson is theory based and is held online. All the other classes are practical lessons held at the clinic.

Some of our clever graduates

We thoroughly enjoyed both the Puppy Pre-School and Junior Primary School classes! Kim is very encouraging and supportive, and an excellent teacher. We learned so many valuable training tips and Dante loved socialising and playing with the other puppies in his class. The lessons were a great balance between theory and practical application of positive reinforcement training techniques, and Kim also provide us with useful handouts to help us continue our training at home. Dante is now a happy and perfectly well behaved pup all thanks to Kim’s guidance and training!
— Rebecca Stone

Free workshops

From time to time Kim does a free training session in Joynton Park.

My Vet in Waterloo offer free workshops in Joynton Park in Zetland.

These are usually presentations by Dr Cherlene Lee on health and well being topics for dogs and their owners and sometimes they are training sessions run by Kim Doran.

Future training sessions will be advertised on this website and on our Working with Woofers and My Vets instagram accounts.


Other services