This service especially suits cats that are shy, nervous, highly strung or just that little bit special. 

These individuals cope so much better when you go away, if they can stay in their home environment.  

  • Visits include feeding, providing fresh drinking water, cleaning their litter trays, brushing and cuddles if they so desire,
  • Plants can be watered, garbage put out and lights left on if you wish, so no one will know you are away.

We also offer pet sitting for dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, birds and chickens.

Note - This service is suitable for dogs if you are just away for a day or two. 

Any longer and they get too lonely whereas cats are much more independent and can find changing environments very challenging because their territory is so important to them.

Pet sitting Chooks.JPG
Kim has cared for my family’s pet bantam chickens several times while we have been away on holidays. She has been invariably reliable and efficient at tending the chickens in their pen at home. She understands our chickens like their greens, and buys and cuts up more for them when the supply we leave is finished.

Kim takes time to make animals in her care feel comfortable and happy. I was very impressed that she sometimes stayed longer to let our chickens out of their pen so they could take a dustbath - when this was not part of our arrangement - but just because she knew how much they enjoyed it. She demonstrates a great affinity with animals, they appreciate her calm manner, understanding and experience - as I and other animal owners do!
— Julia