This option also suits a dog that may have a behavioural problem that is happening at home, or is not suitable for a class situation, hence coming to you.

However you do have the option of coming to us if that suits you better.

The benefits of a home visit are:

  • There is flexibility in our price structure (sometimes you only need one visit in other instances more),

  • We can tailor the whole session to your individual needs,

  • We can come at a time that suits you

  • Proceed at your pace,

  • See evidence of problem behaviours if applicable,

  • There are less distractions in a home environment,

  • We can suggest strategies to improve your set up (eg. for toilet training or sleeping arrangements),

  • Sometimes people who have never owned a dog before just need that little bit of extra help.


$99 / per 1 hour session


$250.00 / package of 3 x 1hr sessions 

For complex cases

For the more complex cases of Separation Anxiety we recommend Jenny Harlow from "JH Dog Training" and for Reactivity cases Louise Ginman from "Positive Dogs".  These people are experts in their fields and their contact information can be found on our "we recommend" page. 

We brought our 8 week old Labrador home to two rescue cats and decided some in-house training would be invaluable to help the transition. Kimbra was recommended, and she fitted us in for an appointment very promptly.

Within two one-hour sessions, she taught us to how to teach Marra several different cues, with a few that have been so valuable that other dog owners have commented on them in the park!
We now have more than one way to recall Marra, using the “touch” hand cue, if she is reluctant to “come” when we call her. “Leave it”, has also been invaluable in relation to controlling her chase impulse with our cats or helping herself to our ugg boots.

Kimbra was also extremely helpful with toilet training tips, and even suspected that Marra may have a UTI (which she did) that was holding up our toilet training progress. Being new dog owners, we did not recognise the symptoms that indicated the problem, but Kimbra did. I would highly recommend a session or two with her to help transition a dog or puppy into your home!
— Catherine and Ronnie, Matraville

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