Director and instructor

Kim is the director of the business and is a Delta Accredited Instructor with over ten years’ experience. She has a certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and a Tafe certificate in Feline behaviour. She developed a love of animals from an early age growing up in a farm in Tasmania. She helped her dad manage and care for a wide range of creatures and developed a strong understanding of animal husbandry. 

After some time in the Fashion industry she joined WIRES in 2004 as a volunteer wildlife carer. This experience confirmed her passion for working with animals, so she joined the town at Struggletown Vets and spent eight enjoyable years there. She began teaching Puppy School and Junior classes and this led to her completing her certificate IV in Companion Animal Services.

She started Working with Woofers in 2006 while working at the vet, and decided to focus on this full time in late 2014.

In her free time she loves to watch her son Evan play soccer and spend time with her beloved pets Charli, Meeko and Mia.

Canine mascot

Charli is our canine mascot. His social skills with other animals are second to none. He enjoys the company of other dogs and is extremely tolerant with young puppies. His calm and gentle nature makes him the perfect role model for puppies and juniors in our training programs at My Vet in Waterloo. He is a wonderful first big dog for a puppy to meet and he loves helping with our Puppy Pre School Theory lesson.

In Charli’s free time he likes eating, going to agility classes, learning new tricks and spending time with his family.

Feline mascot

Meeko is our feline mascot. He is the sort of cat that loves everybody.  He is a happy, relaxed cat who takes his role in his stride. He is excellent to socialize with young puppies and kittens as he is extremely tolerant. If you would like your puppy to meet a nice gentle cat in that crucial socialization period of up to 16 weeks then Meeko is perfect.

In Meeko’s spare time he loves eating, sleeping and learning new tricks.


Marie joined us in 2016. She has been an animal lover all her life and has a beautiful big Rottweiler named Tokey who she adores.  She is also a very experienced pattern maker and helped create our graduation cloaks and hats for our puppy school students. These are the first garments in our "Pawture" range.

In Marie's free time she likes to take Toky for long walks with her partner Dario.  She also enjoys crochet, sewing and doing anything creative.