Pussycat sleepovers

  • Feline guests have the luxury of their very own human sized bedroom. They do not share their room with others unless they are from the same family,

  • Feliway is on hand to help them settle in if necessary,

  • They enjoy an enriched environment with lots of interactive toys to play with, and access to fresh Cat Grass and Mint,

  • Every room has a scratching post to sharpen ones nails on,

  • They receive regular brushing and have their litter trays cleaned twice daily,

  • Snuggle safe disks are provided in winter time to keep them warm and toasty. There are fans in all of our cat rooms and we also provide cool mats for them to lie on in the summer months,

  • They receive lots of cuddles and attention if they so desire,

  • To enhance their day they are offered individual time in our purpose built Atrium (see images below) for no extra charge,

  • Cats in the Cubby Houses can see other pussy cat guests but have completely separate condos.


Our cat accommodation

We have four different cat rooms and four Cubby Houses to choose from:

  1. The Butterfly Room

  2. The Mousetrap Room

  3. Fish Bowl Room

  4. Rumpuss Room


1. The Butterfly Room

This room is ideal if you have more than one cat in your family or an active individual who needs that extra space to run around in.

It is light and spacious and is filled with all sorts of interesting things to play with.  Features include a large cat gym for climbing and scratching, a tunnel for shooting through, and a comfy couch to snuggle up on.

For the ultimate experience there is the option to rent out the Butterfly and Mouse Trap rooms combined (with the room divider removed)  See image four. This option is only available out of peak season times and the cost is $80 for one cat and $100 for two or more cats.


2. The Mousetrap Room

Is cosy yet has a spacious feeling as it overlooks the Rumpuss room and beyond.  However there is a dividing blind for the cat that prefers some privacy.

There are mirrors for self admiration and cupboards to explore. Other features include a plush cat gym for climbing and lazing around on, a tunnel and lots of interactive toys to play with.


3. The Fish Bowl Room

Has a lovely big window for a viewing point, a comfy couch to snuggle up on and a cat gym for climbing and resting on. 

It also features a balance beam that guests love to walk on, a tunnel to hide in and a treat maize for mental stimulation.


4. The Rumpuss Room

Is like a huge games room for cats. Both our Cubby houses are located in this area. Hence it suits a cat or cats that are social. Whilst Cubby House guests don’t mix with the Rumpuss Room guest/s they are there for company. 

Sun streams in through the windows creating inviting places to stretch out and relax and window sills make great high viewing points onto the adjoining lane way.

There is plenty of room to run around in and lots of things to jump on and climb. Fresh air comes in through the Atrium which runs directly off this room.  


The Cubby House

Our purpose built Cubby Houses have three levels. The ground level is where the litter tray is found. The middle level is the where the dining area is and the top level is the bedroom.

Cats can climb from one level to another and each Cubby features a scratching post, interactive toys to play with as well as Cat Grass and Mint. 

The Cubby is an economical option and suits the younger cats. It is not ideal for the older puss that might have arthritis. 

Cubby Houses are situated in our Rumpuss Room so their inhabitants can see other guests. 

This suits the social or inquisitive cat.  Cubby House guests enjoy daily time out in Atrium so they can stretch their legs and run around.


The Atrium

Is a special space we have created so that guests can spend some time in a safe enclosed outdoor area. It features a comfy hammock for snoozing on, ledges for climbing and jumping and a real life size tree trunk that is the ultimate scratching post. 

There are dangling things to play with and toy mice in the tree! Most cats really look forward to spending some time out in the sun in our Atrium each day. 


What to bring along

Please pack the following in your cats’ luggage:   

  • Food,

  • Litter,

  • Litter tray (I do have plenty but sometimes their own helps them settle in),

  • Bed if they have one or a rug or something from home with familiar scents,

  • Travel crate,

  • Toys and scratching post if you wish (however we have plenty on offer),

  • Medication if applicable,

  • A copy of their latest vaccination certificate,

  • A completed Sleepover form if it is their first stay (this can be downloaded here),

  • Anything else you think might help them settle in.


Important information

Please make sure they are up to date with:

  • Monthly flea treatment,

  • Worming treatment,

  • Vaccinations.

We cannot accept cat with a ringworm or flu symptoms for obvious reasons. Even though they are not sharing their space with other feline guest airborne gems can travel. 

There is not extra charge to give medication for not contagious conditions.

Please note: There is a one off charge of $5.00 for a Capstar flea treatment for all guests on admission. We have found this necessary for everybody’s comfort and it is safe to give in conjunction with monthly flea treatments. Capstar is only effective for 24hrs but it does make sure any unwanted guests are taken care of in a timely manner. This procedure is a condition of entry.

For extended stays over one month or more we offer a discounted rate. This rate depends on the length of the time your cat will be staying with us. Please call to enquire.

We’ve been using Kim’s, Working With Woofers “Cat Boarding” services for many years. Kim has always been fantastic with our cat Prince so much so he often doesn’t want to come home! We’ll be using Kim’s services for many years to come and would strongly suggest trusting her with your pets.
— Jan Zycki

Moggie of the Month: FRANKIE

Frankie is our first Moggie of the Month!   

Check out this cute little Burmese kitty cat.  His name is Frankie Miller and he is one of our favourite regular guests.  Frankie is a total cuddle monster and a very inquisitive and active boy.  He has taken out our first “Moggie of the month” award which means he received a voucher for $50 towards his next stay. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank his mum and dad Sarah and Steve for some of the beautiful photos they took for our website.  If you are ever looking to get some photography done I can highly recommend them.



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