Our tribute to pets we knew who have crossed the rainbow bridge


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Gingy came from a Londonderry cattery where the owner had been hording cats. They were in such bad condition and were being neglected. The severe flooding that occurred out in the Blue Mountains is what finally saved them. A fellow neighbour came to help rescue the cats and that was how Gingy was rescued. Some had drowned but Gingy was one of the lucky ones.
Michael adopted him and said he was a shy puss at first but he always wanted company whether it was another human or animal. He just loved being affectionate towards people after spending years in a cage with no one to love him. He spent the remaining time he had being loved and enjoying what life had to offer, often spending time visiting neighbours and getting into mischief. I know Michael still really misses him and said he often has laugh thinking about his antics.

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Loni was a beautiful big fluffy gentle cat who belonged to Jillian. I visit Jillian’s home to feed her cats and was always warmly welcomed by Loni who had the most gorgeous eyes. I miss him when I visit now. He had a special presence and a beautiful soul.


Gus – Was such a lovely young boy.  He was so friendly, inquisitive, very affectionate and had a fun loving nature.  He is sadly missed but not forgotten by his friend Tiger and his human family.  We miss having him here to stay with us too.

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What a special girl she was. She loved life and even though she was old for a Labrador at the end, she thought she could do anything. I found myself constantly having to remind her to slow down! Her body just couldn’t keep up with her exuberant nature. She is pictured here with my dog Charli (on the right) who absolutely adored her.


Dear Dolly was another exuberant and spirited older lady. She was very camera shy!  Dolly loved her walks and didn’t muck about sniffing, she just got on with taking you for a walk and could have pulled a sleigh!  She was quite a character who loved my cats and Charli and slotted into our family effortlessly when she came to stay. Dolly could also be quite playful at times. What a sweetheart. We do miss having her here to stay.

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Last but not least is one of my favourite dogs who did stay with us on the odd occasion. She was the Clinic Dog at Struggletown Vets when I worked there and I adored her. She was brought in for euthanasia as a morbidly obese neglected dog. Having been a retired guide dog our head vet Simon thought she deserved better and convinced her owners to surrender her. We gradually got her weight down through diet and gentle exercise. She loved being my helper in the Puppy Theory classes until she got too wobbly to be able to do the job anymore. I distinctively remember working at reception and leaning down to touch her velvet soft ears during the day. She sat by my side whenever I was working. Miss you Jye. 

How to enrich your Cat’s environment

For cats that live indoors it is vital that we provide them with lots of things to do, that will use up energy and be mentally stimulating at the same time. We don’t usually take our cats out walking like we do with our dogs so we need to make sure they get some sort of physical exercise or they will become fat and lazy! You can walk a cat on a harness, but you have to be very careful where you go.  If you have a backyard you can give it a try.

Scratch post & gyms

Cat Gyms are a great investment as they give your cat a climbing outlet and they can use the scratchy post pieces for sharpening their claws on, instead of doing it on your furniture!  If you live in a small apartment and don’t have room for a big cat gym there are plenty of smaller versions to choose from be they upright or horizontal.

Food dispensers

Instead of putting your cat’s food in a bowl try feeding them their dry food in either a slow release food dispenser or something similar. I feed my cats their dry food using a Maize every day.

There are other great ways to get your kitty to work for their dinner. Here are some examples.



Fresh cat grass

I always offer fresh cat grass and mint. The vast majority of cats love cat grass and there are some who go mad for the mint.  There are several theories as to why cats like to eat cat grass and I tend to agree with the theory that it may help with the passing of hairballs. It seems to assist the cat to either vomit them up or acts as a mild laxative. 



I haven’t met a cat yet that doesn’t love the cat tunnel! Someone made a fortune when they invented these. Every cat should have one!



Make your cat a hammock.  You can hang them up inside the home or outside in the garden.               

 My cat Meeko loves hanging out in his!

Dangling toys

Set aside time to play with your cat for 10 – 15 minutes per day. Dangling toys on sticks are great for this sort of activity.  There is a huge variety of these sorts of toys available in pet stores and online, or if you have time you can be creative, cut costs and make your own.  These sorts of games are not only fun, they nurture the bond between you and your cat and wear them out at the same time


Cardboard boxes

Before you recycle your cardboard boxes put them out for your cats to play in. They also love getting into cloth and paper bags. Keep your cats busy - they will love you for it!


Perhaps you could consider building your cat an Atrium or alternatively get someone professional in to do it for you.  There are several companies that do this sort of thing.  Do a search on the internet and see what you can find.  This means your cat will be able to go outside enjoy the fresh air and laze around in the sun in a safe enclosed outdoor area.

This is our Atrium and both our cats love spending time out there!

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Mia playing in the Atrium